3 Days (18 hours)
15 Hands on projects
Starter Kit provided

Workshop: Internet of Things for Engineers

Get prepared to the next industrial revolution and add an attractive to your CV

The internet of things entered in the mainstream production, as per a report of Gartner Research. It is also expected that the number of connected devices reach 50 Billions by 2020 (Cisco White Paper).

Getting ready to milestone is a corner stone in your Engineering profile. This IoT workshop will not only give a state of art about the IoT and its recent advents, but you be able to prototype your own IoT products.

With 15 supervised projects during the workshop, you will learn how to add connectivity to devices, how to control them remotely and how to read sensors data from remote web and smartphone applications. In addition, you will gain insights about the latest IoT platform provided by the biggest companies such as IBM and Amazon.

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Why doing this workshop?

  • Differentiate yourself

  • Earn an industry-attractive skill

  • Be up to date with the latest technological advancements

  • Give your project a new dimension: the connectivity

  • Get a certificate from xplor

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the IoT: origin, philosophy, history and motivation

  • Being able to hadle IoT hardware and control them

  • Develop IoT software: web interfaces and smartphone applications

  • Prototype a secure IoT product

The below IoT Starter kit is provided with the workshop

IoT starter Kit


"The whole workshop with all its topics is very interesting. In addition to the technical side, it covered business and history that I found it very important as an intro to its final topic" - Bilal

With Mr. Hassan and the first IOT workshop in Lebanon, I have discovered a very special topic that I'd like to share with others. I learned a lot, discovered a lot and Improved my skills in ESP and Aurduino proramming" - Mohamad

keep up the great work, thanks a lot" - Maroun